About Me

Hello World! My name is Daniel

I am a full-stack software engineer. What inspired me to become a software engineer was my strong passion for problem-solving, my eagerness to take on a new challenge everyday, along with the continuous learning of skills that make it possible to confront modern day issues thru technology. Coding is exciting in that it’s versatile and limitless; you can mold it as you choose and dictate your direction, limitless opportunity === limitless growth.

I am humble, energetic, highly attentive to detail and am truly dedicated to continuous improvement. I am a graduate from Flatiron School's Software Engineering Bootcamp . I have experience building full-stack applications using JavaScript , React.js/ Redux and Ruby on Rails.

Outside of coding, you'll find me cheering on the Mets (LGM), trying to run 0.1 more miles then I ran the previous day, or being a dog dad at the park with my good boys Oliver & Charlie.